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The Dish Magazine Wins the Hermes Platinum Award!

  Congratulations to the Jordano's Marketing Department, and The Dish Magazine for winning the Platinum Hermes Creative award for 2018. This international award recognizes contributions in writing and design ranging from… Read More >

10 Common Restaurant Health Code Violations & How to Avoid Them

It’s impossible to ignore the negative blow Chipotle’s reputation (and business) felt back in 2015 when patrons fell ill after eating E. coli-tainted food. More recently, another health code slip-up led to a $516 million… Read More >

Restaurant Brands Have A New Consumer To Chase: Millennial Parents

Yes, we’re still talking about millennials–even after zillions of articles, books and blogs have been published analyzing What Millennials Want (trademark?). The U.S. Chamber of Commerce notes that millennials are likely… Read More >

How to Reduce Waste in Your Business

Knowing how to reduce waste at your business is an important part of your sustainability efforts, but it can be a challenge. It’s one of the top issues that I find all businesses struggling with, regardless of how much they’re… Read More >

Filling But No Fillers

Filling but no fillers Software engineer creates popular new energy bar By MARILYN MCMAHON, NEWS-PRESS STAFF WRITERAugust 27, 2019 7:01 AM With his bachelor's degree in Russian language and literature from UCSB and career… Read More >