Some of the many things that make SoCal wonderful are the vast diversity of people and flavors. Paired with picturesque sunsets and typically warm breezes, it’s no wonder people are hungry for outdoor dining experiences.

Nestled in the heart of SoCal, Conejo Valley offers a fresh, fantastic setting for some of the area’s tastiest restaurants.

Enter the twin-dining lakeside duo of Boccaccio’s and The Landing Grill and Sushi Bar. These two restaurants, located in Westlake Village on the majestic lake at the Landing, may be linked by great food, co-ownership and an outdoor patio known for epic sunsets and boat watching, but their diverse menus and commitment to distinct flavors make them unique.

“Some may wonder whether it’s a benefit having both establishments share our large outdoor patio space,” said Co-Owner, Hamid Sadraie. “For us, it makes for a unique dining experience as customers find it fun to choose between the two knowing their view won’t change, but the menu will.”

Boccaccio’s is a tradition among the local community. Opened in 1968, the once tuxedo-clad servers set the fine dining mark as one of the area’s top supper clubs. While customers can dine more casually today, the restaurant still maintains some of the traditional menu options found on their menu almost 50 years ago.

“This is what is so fun about Boccaccio’s,” said Hamid. “It is a landmark where so many of our customers have been coming here for 40 plus years. They have a history with us and celebrate every anniversary or birthday here. Although we make a lot of Baked Alaska for our regulars, we also meet the needs of our patrons looking for healthier alternatives to our traditionally heavy dishes and desserts.”

Boccaccio’s keeps up with on-trend recipes by slightly fine tuning their menu options to ensure every guest is satisfied, like gluten-free penne pomodoro, quinoa vegetable salad and petite coho salmon piccata.

Having hands and eyes on two restaurants can mean spinning a lot of plates. Leaning on their Jordano’s Account Executive, Rick Koval, allows Hamid and his Co-Owner, Joseph Ieraci, to remain focused on the business end of things.

“When you have to go through a handful of different purveyors for ingredients and items, it can take a lot of time and become distracting to our main goal of providing great food and great service,” said Hamid. “Thankfully for us, Jordano’s is consistent in quality, pricing and their ability to source new items. That makes it easier for us to focus on our business. We get fresh deliveries six days a week because the menus between the two restaurants are so varied, and Jordano’s always delivers.”

The Landing Grill and Sushi Bar’s identity is crafted to give customers a diverse menu of steaks, sandwiches, pastas, salads, and vegan options, while also offering an infused Asian flair in dishes like their popular “Landing style” stir fried chicken pot stickers, spicy garlic edamame and sushi rolls.

Both owners agree the hottest menu item for The Landing are their Japanese bento boxes that give customers the flexibility to customize their meal with unique options. These reasonably priced bento boxes include unique choices of protein like grilled swordfish with pepper coulis, seared ahi tuna with Asian sauce and grilled salmon with lemon beurre blanc.

For Hamid and Joseph, it’s important that they remain conscious of quality and value within both restaurants.

“We work to ensure consistent quality in every part of our operation, and we expect that same focus from our suppliers,” said Hamid. “That’s why it’s nice to work with Jordano’s because they are responsive, supportive and if we want to talk to the owner or the delivery person, both are easily approachable. I think that’s why they’ve done so well for so long in this business.”

For more information on Boccaccio’s visit or find them on Facebook and Twitter. Information on The Landing Grill and Sushi Bar can be found at and on Facebook.