Delivering a great customer experience begins way before the fork touches your restaurant’s food. National Checking Company takes the guess work out of order taking and eliminates mistakes that can sour your customer’s dining experience.

Since National Checking Company began more than 100 years ago, their traditional GuestCheck™ has evolved into a line of order-taking solutions that can simultaneously alert the back of the house and the bar of an incoming order, expediting service so all your moving pieces operate efficiently.

What’s more, National Checking Company’s commitment to sustainability and energy efficient practices have elevated them as industry leaders in green initiatives. Their paper tape rolls meet the environmentally friendly Sustainable Forest Initiative guidelines and are 100 percent BPA free.

DateIt™ food rotation labels are available in an internationally recognized color-coding system for food safety and inventory rotation. These easy-to-use labels come in a variety of adhesives, including removable and dissolvable, so there’s no sticky mess after use.

Order’s up
The importance of the guest check transaction is often overlooked. But this seemingly insignificant piece of your restaurant’s service stream can be the tool that improves table service and the overall customer experience by reducing order-entry errors.

From traditional green guest check paper pads to a complete line of custom printed products, including DateIt™ labels and RegistRolls™, National Checking Company carries a variety of solutions through Jordano’s Foodservice that can improve your restaurant’s profitability and efficiency.

“We carry all the essential items restaurants need to have. The truth is GuestChecks™ are a viable and effective tool when the server collects all the right information,” says National Checking Company’s Director of Sales, John Olk. “When owners need more advanced tools, National Checking Company can help support their business with thermal and two ply register rolls, printer ribbons and DateIt™ prep labels.”

Higher standards of food safety
All operators know how confusing it can get, a food label with bad handwriting or dates you can’t read. When it comes to food storage safety, accuracy in labeling is essential to freshness and quality.

“Many operators are still using masking tape to label their stored or frozen foods. Our line of dissolvable food labels and automated prep code labels streamline all those processes,” says Olk.

For more high volume kitchens, the company’s Date Code Genie helps to easily manage food rotation protocol by allowing your staff to print labels with accurate and legible item names, portion sizes, dates prepared and expiration dates.

These automated prep labels increase the accuracy over handwritten labels, save time and simply take the guess work out of the fresh or “born on” dates of foods. Because items and categories in your kitchen can be preloaded into the labeling system, your prep teams can more easily manage your food rotation and control flavor profiles.

“We want restaurants to be successful from food prep to food delivery,” says Olk. “It’s a commitment we’ve had for over 100 years and it’s only getting stronger.”

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By Micholyn Fajen, PCG Marketing