Although Account Executive, Ryan Connell, admits that he’s a younger sales representative with Jordano’s, his ability to harness technology helps him be a better partner in selling solutions to the customers in his territory.

Serving Ventura County for just over one year, Connell says he appreciates the dichotomy of the territory. It’s one where the fresh tastes of the relaxed coast blend perfectly with the vast ranchlands of the interior valleys.

Getting to intimately know the area and the accounts as a newer account executive means Connell has to put in time with research. For that he turns to technology as his “go-to” resource. Using online search tools, Connell creates a better picture of an account as he evaluates the geographic area, the reviews and comments for the restaurant and other market data to get a clear view of the account’s strengths.

Throughout his research, one common theme emerges – customers want to see value in their dining experience.

“The restaurants that are excelling at their business development efforts are those that have reinvented themselves to focus on the simplicity of why they went into business in beginning. They have a great product and are passionate about their service – it comes down to the perceived value. Is it worth it?” says Connell, adding that today’s consumer has 30 dining choices within 10 miles of their homes. “Those rising above are those that show the value of their complete experience. Customers are truly getting their money’s worth.”

Elements of perceived value include more than just the cost of a menu item, they are a collection of how they are greeted when they walk in the door, the environment, the satisfaction of the dining experience and the presentation and taste of the meal.

Connell appreciates opportunities to showcase the application of food products for his customers, and says recipes and pairings are important resources.

“Jordano’s Facebook page is a great new resource that showcases our products including unique ways to use new items in stock. Many of our customers are now social media savvy and we hope our page brings insightful ideas and useful tips of the trade to them,” says Connell whose relationships with his customers are family-like.

As a father of four young boys, Connell’s family is a central part of his life and his core accounts understand that. On weekends and evenings he often visits his accounts with his family.

“I want my customers to know that I am family centered and the owners love it when the boys come through the door. The boys love it more because the owners will whip them up a milk shake, pour them a Coke or pass them a cookie,” Connell says with a laugh.

“I think the bottom line is that sales is a circle where customers hand their procurement needs, business challenges or problems off to me, and by accepting it I make a promise to deliver. It’s like a family relationship, they count on me and I count on them, and I love the challenge of it,” Connell adds.

Promises do matter and it was the family-run approach of Jordano’s that lured Connell to the company initially. He befriended a Jordano’s account executive many years ago and grew to respect him and his integrity in the field. Connell says he assumed that a company that supports someone of that caliber must be as respectable.

Connell cites the approachability and flexibility of Jordano’s and the interdependent process and communication with everyone as a point of differentiation. “It’s a team effort to take care of our customers and we rely on each other.”

“I appreciate that everyone has a voice in that process,” Connell says. “A lot of what makes Jordano’s a success is the flexibility this company operates under; there is room for people to be who they are. I feel very fortunate to be with Jordano’s and look forward to a long career in the foodservice industry here.”