Celebrating 28 years of catering and event production, Command Performance Catering has catered to Southern California’s most beautifully unique locations and for events of all types – from businesses, to celebrities, to weddings. But what sets Command Performance Catering apart from the rest is their dedication to dramatic food, expert service and a passion for event perfection.

The management team of Command Performance Catering isn’t ashamed of their humble beginnings. The company began operating out of a congested 8×10-foot office but has since expanded exponentially.

“I knew them from their early beginnings, and it really is a great success story. Today, the company operates multiple kitchens and has multiple offices. They have grown Command Performance Catering into something that is so successful and so big,” says John Wagner, Jordano’s account executive, who supplies Command Performance Catering with locally sourced produce and Center of the Plate proteins. “Their teams are simply some of the hardest workers I know, and their dedication and service to the customer is what has earned them this success.”

Command Performance’s teams cater events at many exclusive locations – to parties as large as 4,000 guests – all while delivering unforgettable service to multiple other high-quality events all within one weekend.

Command Performance, leaning on Jordano’s Equipment and Supplies Department, is in the midst of adding on a whole new tasting kitchen that will allow their catering clients to experience the flavors and presentation of the dramatic dishes they prepare.

“The key to our success has always been to maintain a consistent level of quality, value and follow-through with the attention to detail that our clients expect. This is the common goal of our management team; we treat every event as it is the most important event we will ever produce delivering 100 percent commitment to every detail,” says Kirk Memoli of Command Performance Catering.

Whether the event is a fundraiser, gala, wedding, holiday party, or intimate gathering, Command Performance’s expert staff supports and assists customers in the venue, theme and cuisine selection. One memorable venue that is sure to impress is the exclusive Ronald Reagan Presidential Library which includes the Air Force One Pavilion featuring the only place in the world where you can tour and dine under the expansive wings of Air Force One.

At the heart of each special event is high quality food. Chef Maya Chrestensen’s passion has elevated the standards of Command Performance’s cuisine. Their entire team of chefs and bakers stay on the cutting edge of trends to constantly create new, fresh and exciting dishes and flavors that stun guests with gorgeous presentation and remarkable culinary experiences.

For more information about Command Performance Catering, visit www.cpcatering.com or find them on Facebook.