Food safety is serious business, and Jordano’s takes a proactive approach to verifying reputable vendors and manufacturers. Here are some of the ways we stay on the forefront of food safety.


Karrie Reeves-Gilbraith, Jordano’s new food safety specialist, has more than 15 years experience in food safety inspection, consulting and auditing. She has a degree in Environmental Resource Management, is a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI), and holds a number of additional certifications. She actively reviews criteria requirements of Jordano’s suppliers to ensure compliance. She also works collaboratively with all other Jordano’s employees to continue the food safety chain by monitoring sanitation and temperature control in Jordano’s warehouse and delivery vehicles.


All Jordano’s warehouse workers, drivers, and salespeople—everyone who handles food and the packaging that touches it—receive food safety training. They know how to spot something that is not safe, and stop it from going further down the line.

Jordano’s also offers customers access to online ANSI-accredited food safety training and allergen training programs for their management and staff through The Always Food Safe Company.

Always Food Safe is the only food safety training company that educates through engaging and entertaining content. Studies have proven the more engaging the learning, the better it is remembered and applied. To receive more information on how to enroll with this dynamic training course, contact your Account Executive.


Jordano’s maintains a comprehensive traceability program. We know where all our products come from, and can always provide customers with pertinent information. Our food safety team can move immediately to stay on top of any issues that arise and notify customers who may have been affected.