Jordano’s Marine and Specialty Account Sales Department services a wide array of customers, from the Chumash Casino Resort, to offshore drilling platforms and a well-known local restaurant chain. The department has been managed for 25 years by Mike Daly, who, along with his great staff, has provided a very high-level of service to keep these high-profile accounts happy. Jordano’s, as a company, will soon celebrate its 100th year in business. For 25 of those years, they have been making the lives of their marine and specialty customers as successful and smooth as possible.

The Scoop: Define the scope of business your department services and supplies.
Mike Daly: We are the primary distributor for the Chumash Casino Resort, including their restaurant, hotel and gas station. Because the Resort operates four foodservice venues on the property that are in 24/7 operation, we provide three major deliveries a week and are on call to react on other days, if necessary.

We also supply everything a platform or vessel needs to run their galleys successfully, including frozen and refrigerated groceries, perishable goods like produce and dairy products, and equipment