Come on…if Oprah loves it, Ciao Bella is doing something right!

For over 20 years the company that is lovingly called “America’s Gelato” has been doing a lot of things deliciously right in the gelato and sorbet category. With simple taste-bud-tempting beginnings in 1983 in New York’s Little Italy, the award-winning Ciao Bella crafted a frozen dessert movement across the United States. Their indulgent collection of gelato and sorbet is an unparalleled and incredibly unique dessert experience. The flavors are intense, the ingredients pure and the result is spoonfuls of happiness. Gelato is a kickback to an Old Italian pleasure that pairs classic frozen flavors with premium ingredients. That’s why Ciao Bella relies on a chef inspired blend of pure, naturally intense ingredients and a passion for evoking pleasure and delight in every frozen bite.

A Helping of Passion

Led by Executive Chef Danilo Zecchin, Ciao Bella’s team has an authentic passion for crafting distinctive, delicious desserts for every palate. Fans spoon up supremely indulgent flavors like malted milk ball gelato, or cool off with intensely refreshing tastes of blood orange or coconut sorbet. A native of Torino, Italy – a region known for its epicurean delights – Chef Zecchin was spurred by the vibrant energy of the local culinary scene, so
much so that he pursued his passion for cooking and enrolled in the Hotel and Restaurant School in his hometown in 1978. After graduation, Chef Zecchin kicked around the local restaurant scene for several years before opening his first restaurant, The White Buffalo. An avid traveler and adventurous soul, Chef Zecchin soon ventured out of Torino looking for new inspiration. In 1999, Chef Zecchin took the position of Executive Chef at Ciao Bella Gelato.

Relying on the many flavors, aromas, and styles he discovered throughout his travels, Chef Zecchin has created a palette of inventive and delicious gelato and sorbet that have been awarded numerous accolades. Maintaining his roots, Chef Zecchin frequents his hometown and continues to seek out emerging flavor trends sure to wow the taste buds of top chefs and gelato lovers everywhere. Stateside, you won’t catch Chef Zecchin driving a car,
rather you can spot him riding his bike and taking in the fresh air. “To make the best gelato and sorbet, you have
to create with heart,” says Chef Zecchin who, from the crops of perfectly fresh fruit to the frozen end product, is in an incessant state of taste testing. His hands-on approach ensures that the taste, texture and flavor profiles remain consistent and perfectly mirror his expectations for an all-natural, premium-tasting experience. Pure


Ciao Bella has always been true to gelato and sorbet, taking care to use the finest ingredients sourced from around the globe. Staying ahead of today’s trends and the nationwide shift to cleaner foods over the last decade has resulted in the evolution of their ingredient labels. Today every scoop of the frozen delight
boasts an all natural line up of ingredients. Ciao Bella abides by the “lose the corn syrup and preservatives” mantra and replaces old standards with hormone-free dairy products, organic cane sugar and tapioca syrup. They continue to abide by their gold standard of impeccably sourced fruits, nuts and flavorings. Made in Oregon, Ciao Bella also offers both Kosher gelato and sorbet products. And their philosophy is contagious. Ciao Bella
is changing the standards motivating their vendors to flex and modify how they go to market.

When the graham cracker supplier for their Key Lime Graham Gelato wasn’t, at the time, making an all natural product, Chef Zecchin worked very closely with them on reformulating their recipe ensuring the texture and pure taste he envisioned. “The fact is no one was making the ingredient to our specifications. Instead, we worked with our manufacturer to help alter the recipe to match our standards. We’re so pleased; our graham swirl tastes 100 percent natural and perfectly compliments the intensity of our key lime beautifully,” says Chef Zecchin.

More for Your Menu

Over the years Ciao Bella has worked closely with restaurant owners and operators to identify unique ways to
present their sorbets and gelatos. By showcasing Ciao Bella sorbet and gelato in a variety of cocktail recipes at the bar, restaurants transcend the dessert menu for more profitable applications. Restaurants are also putting a twist on the traditional gelato or sorbet scoop by answering the consumer demand for more portion-friendly menu options. Sorbet and gelato shooters can deliver up to four or five, one ounce flavor samples of this intensely flavored delight for a shared dessert experience at the table. Gelato Bars, a.k.a. scoop shops, are
another rising trend that can easily be incorporated into an existing space whether it is a café, the take-out section of a restaurant, or a small retail store. This is a great way to maximize sales in an otherwise lost area while creating a unique customer experience. Shake and smoothie programs can be added to further increase sales and to capitalize on yet another growing trend. Ciao Bella encourages restaurants that desire more innovative ways to present their product to inquire about personalized assistance through their Jordano’s
sales representative.