Since 1966, Moby Dick has been a staple for fresh food with a “million dollar view” at every table. Located on Stearns Wharf in beautiful Santa Barbara, one thing’s for sure – this restaurant has found great success in not only obtaining new customers but bringing back a steady stream of clientele to feast on local favorites like their Moby’s Fish & Chips (made with Cape Capensis fish) and succulent fresh Main Lobster.

To attract new customers, Moby Dick’s General Manager, Miguel Flores, has run several types of advertisements from print to television. “We’ve tried various methods of marketing outreach efforts, and by far the most successful has been our local television commercials,” Miguel stated. “Our repeat customers are obviously extremely important to our business. In order to thank them for coming back to dine with us, we give out a “Moby’s Club Card” offering a 20 percent discount every time they dine in, along with other offers like free meals and complimentary bottles of wine. At least for us, this card is a great way for us to track our repeat clientele.”

Moby Dick also prides itself on their very knowledgeable, friendly staff. Each team member is put through an in-depth training program before they even begin interacting with guests. Although the upfront training is paramount to Moby’s success, Miguel points out that their management staff holds continuous training throughout the year on not only their menu but things as simple as enhancing customer service skills. Moby Dick takes great pride in providing the best customer service possible – from the point a customer walks in, to their exit.

One extremely important asset to the successful operation of Moby Dick is Miguel’s relationship with Jordano’s Account Executive, George Anthes. “I don’t know what I’d do without George’s suggestions – from incorporating new items into our menu to assisting us with enhancing new special offers, George is an instrumental part of our success,” said Miguel. “We also have a huge amount of mutual respect for one another. I don’t know what I will do when he leaves Jordano’s. Enough said.”

Moby Dick has a very diverse menu – there is truly something for everyone, which Miguel points out was his goal. From hearty Angus Beef Burgers to the aforementioned Cape Capensis (a key component to any of Moby Dick’s dishes), their menu is built to please even the pickiest of customers. Weekly specials are posted on their website for easy access to customers considering their establishment online.

“I know it sounds cliché, but the key ingredients for anything that comes out of our kitchen are love, passion and dedication to what you do,” Miguel points out. “Trust me, when you’re passionate about what you do, your customers will recognize it.”

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