It’s true that the more things change the more they stay the same. Technology brings new and faster capabilities for Jordano’s Customer Service department. Yet Jordano’s proves that while bells and whistles may help interface more easily with customers when it comes to ordering and tracking, they are no replacement for the “can do” attitude of good, old fashioned customer service. Life-saving techniques are practiced daily in customer service and it’s all just part of the job. You’ve likely been there before – that cold-sweat moment when you realize you’re short on supplies or the number of guests suddenly increases at the last minute- but for Jordano’s it’s truly no sweat. Jordano’s customer service is in the business of assisting their valued customers with smart solutions. “We understand how essential it is to ensure the right products get to our customers at the right time,” says Terry Mish, who has managed Jordano’s fastpaced customer service department for 17 years.

Rescue Me!
When you do business with a company, customer service is where the rubber meets the road. It’s where value,
responsiveness and critical turnkey solutions make the difference in keeping your business moving – serving fresh food and turning a profit. Mish recognizes that. She and her team are proud of the extra services they are
able to provide like the company’s Will Call office. The service enables local customers to stop in and grab products they need that day, which means no waiting for delivery. “It’s the service we provide that can make or break a catering job or a restaurant. When they realize, last minute, that they are short on supplies, we are able to step in and get them the products they need quickly and even on Saturdays,” Mish adds. More than 50 customers a day take advantage of the service that can also receive calls for an order 15 minutes to an hour
ahead of time and have it pulled when the customer arrives.

Connecting Customers
As a liaison between the customer and operation’s delivery fleet, Mish’s team ensures there is always someone available to talk to about their account. Technology makes tracking and reaching the delivery truck mid-route a fast and accurate reality. Jordano’s GPS enabled Fleet Watch application helps customer service see precisely where a customer’s delivery is in real time. “We have a lot at our fingertips to help our customers. We can reroute a delivery, talk and interact with the driver and make in-the-moment changes to the order if necessary,”
Mish says. “We even have the capability to do ‘hot shots’ or second runs to our local customers if the delivery was already completed and additional product is needed. Our job is to keep our customer’s business running smoothly.” Technology moves life faster and helps us stay tightly connected, but in an age of prerecorded phone prompts and internet interfacing, Jordano’s still remains old school about customer service.

Old-Fashioned Friendliness
Whatever it takes. That’s the attitude Mish looks for in a Jordano’s customer service representative. Adhering to policies and procedures of the department is one thing, but if a customer needs to come in after hours, her staff has been known to stay and wait. “We do whatever it takes; in this economy there’s no such thing as doing too much,” Mish says. The goal is to listen to her customers, assist in finding the root of the problem and then focus on solutions that get everyone back to business. No new formula or sparkly technology works as well as the key ingredients of serving the customer: kindness, compassion, friendliness and doing the right thing. Most would call it old fashioned customer service and at Jordano’s it simply can’t be replaced.