By: Lynn O’Neill

There is no better expression of culture than in the food we eat. Recipes handed down from generation-to-generation reflect the story of its people’s history, traditions, climate, economy, and even the immigration from its region. For example, marinara didn’t originate from Italy. The tomato-based sauce came as a result of Italian immigrants improvising with accessible ingredients. While there are many opinions about the westernization of traditional ethnic foods, there are always those who strive to recreate the same made-from-scratch flavors that came out of their grandmother’s kitchen. Families like the Seviroli’s serve as such traditionalists whose love for authentic Italian foods turned a small pastry shop and into a tortellini empire.


The Seviroli Family, Mary and Joe, along with their two sons Enrico and Joseph, became renowned for their fresh pastries created at their bakery in Queens, New York, in 1960. While pastries were the main commodity sold, it was Joe Sr.’s love for pasta making (especially tortellini) that catapulted the business into a pasta manufacturing behemoth.

During this period, tortellini was challenging to find. As a solution, Joe Sr. purchased a machine from Italy that enabled him to make the little stuffed pasta straight out of his bakery. The introduction of the equipment allowed for higher yields at a faster pace, and from there, the business soared. Today, Seviroli offers a broad portfolio of Italian goods that are all manufactured from their two state-of-the-art SQF certified facilities in New York and New Jersey. It’s your one-stop-shop for artisanal Italian products.


Much of Seviroli Foods’ success comes from the exceptional quality standards developed during the early days at the bakery. They made it their passion to craft exquisite Italian goods using only premium ingredients prepared with traditional Italian cooking methods.

When producing their superior products, they begin by first seeking out the best ingredients. Seviroli uses only the finest semolina and spices, and both their domestic and imported cheeses are hand-selected and grated on site. Before the ricotta is even allowed to enter the factory doors, it must first be quality inspected to guarantee the creamiest whole milk product. All of which is then crafted together with imported Italian machinery that yields perfect “al dente” Italian pasta texture rolled very thin and tender to maximize the generous filling to dough ratio.

“We use only the best real foods. No fillers or alternative meats are ever used. This creates a thicker consistency and chunkier filling,” said Bob Altadonna, Seviroli Foods Business Development Manager. The effort and attention given to their products makes it a treat for all the senses. The Lobster Ravioli doesn’t merely hint at flavor; it bursts with chunks of real lobster meat and spices. Bold smells of rich truffles prepare the palate before the first bite into a Black Truffle and Porcini Mushroom Ravioli.

Bob believes in its products and encourages operators to taste the Seviroli difference. “We’re liberal with our samples,” he says. “If a customer would like a sample, they only need to make a request, and Laurie will arrange a case for you.” KeyImpact Broker, Laurie
Hidalgo, works diligently with Seviroli Foods serving as a business liaison. From product fulfillment to tasting with the sales staff and
customers, she has it covered. “She’s a good egg. She gets the job done.”

Everything about Seviroli Foods, from the people they choose to partner with to ingredients to their state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, conveys their true passion for family and the best of Italian food traditions.

Jordano’s Foodservice offers a variety of Seviroli Foods products. Contact your Jordano’s Account Executive to place your order!

#43393 Cannelloni Seafood Trio Bulk I.Q.F. Crab/Shrimp/Langostino 2/5 lb.

#43404 Ravioli Burrata Stracciatella I.Q.F. 8-10 ct. per lb. 2/2.5 lb.

#43411 Ravioli Roasted Vegetable Smoked Gouda I.Q.F. 2/2.5 lb.

#43417 Ravioli Lobster Jumbo Hexagonal I.Q.F. 10 pcs./lb. 2/2.5 lb.

#43419 Ravioli Sausage & Broccoli Round I.Q.F. 14 pcs./lb. 2/2.5 lb.

#43421 Ravioli Porcini Mushroom Black Truffle I.Q.F. 10 pcs./lb. 2/2.5 lb.

#43426 Ravioli Braised Beef I.Q.F.13 pcs/lb. 2/2.5 lb.

#43542 Pasta Lasagna Sheet Spinach I.Q.F. 1/10 lb.