Can a box of water be the poster child for an eco-friendly future?

That’s the entrepreneurial start of the Boxed Water is Better phenomenon. What began as a whisper in the head of one man as he held a plastic water bottle, “there’s got to be a better way,” has launched into a national statement of, “empowerment through a product.”

Celebs like Alyssa Milano, Gwyneth Paltrow, Arianna Huffington, and Anne Hathaway are seen sporting these take-and-go paper water cartons.

Perhaps research from the Georgia Institute of Technology that reports it takes plastic thousands of years to degrade in a landfill is the reason people across the nation are adopting this alternative. Boxed Water is Better containers – made from 76 percent paper – take only a few years to decompose.

Launching their idea to create packaged water that is kinder to the environment in 2009, Boxed Water is Better overcame some initial perceptions by simply placing their value proposition right on the box: Boxed Water is Better.

This cleared up the top questions, “Is it milk?” Nope, it’s water. “Is it juice?” Nope, it’s water. “What does it taste like?” Um, water…good, pure water that makes you feel better about drinking water.

Jordano’s introduced Boxed Water is Better to their product lineup in November 2014, and it has quickly gained momentum.

“We’re seeing the majority of our business being single-sales uses where restaurants and foodservice establishments keep them in a cooler or in displays for easy grab-and-go sales,” said Carlos Ramirez, Boxed Water’s director of sales for the southwest region. “We’ve also seen tons of interest from schools looking to replace plastic bottles and from hotels looking to give out complimentary water to guests. Not to mention the overwhelming demand for Boxed Water from employers with onsite kitchens looking to reduce plastic bottle use or just trying to create a more sustainable, eco-friendly work environment.”

Jordano’s currently stocks their convenient 16.9 oz. boxes in a pack size of 24 per case (item #3954).

According to Chris Radford, director of operations for Boxed Water, there’s more to this water than meets the eye. This water goes beyond hydrating – it actually contributes to planting trees!

Sure it’s pure and goes through a five-step purification process including reverse osmosis. Sure it’s sourced from areas where there are no issues of water sustainability like the lakeshore town of Holland, Michigan and Linden, Utah. But Chris says an important part of giving back for Boxed Water is supporting reforestation efforts through the National Forestry Foundation and with one percent of the company’s revenue.

“Last year we launched a social media campaign where we planted two trees for every picture posted on social media with our product,” said Chris. “Thanks to this campaign, more than 73,000 trees were planted, and now we’ve made a long-term commitment to the National Forestry Foundation to plant one million trees by 2020.”

With all their success, Carlos and Chris admit that Boxed Water remains a small company, and the value is in the product’s gentler impact to the environment. Likening themselves to the organic industry, where you pay a little more to know your products are organic, Boxed Water is priced accordingly.

To learn more about this unique product line and how it could benefit your add-on sales, contact your Jordano’s Account Executive.

Discover more about the environmental change Boxed Water is making by visiting, or find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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