Youth can afford a person a lot of reasons to take risks, but the ability to turn those risks into rewards demands an innate drive and ambition. At 23 years old, Larry Vad founded Ideal Meat and Provisions, Inc., and he admits back then it was a risk but it was simply the only thing he knew. Today, on the verge of the company’s 30th anniversary, Vad’s company is the primary meat supplier and processer for Jordano’s, supplying twice-daily custom cuts of prime and high-grade choice meats.

“I started out with nothing, and I knew I could make a living in the business, but I never expected to be where I am today,” says Vad, who credits the company’s success to continually embracing the philosophy of delivering quality and taking care of the customer.

Ask Jordano’s Center of the Plate Category Manager, Larry Fiscalini, about Vad’s approach and he’ll tell you it is unique.

“For a company the size of Jordano’s to be able to offer our customers the ability to order any quantity of top-grade beef, pork or fresh chicken, in any custom cut way with no minimum order and have it delivered the next day is a phenomenal service,” says Fiscalini.

Jordano’s customers love that they have access to this “at your beck and call” kind of custom meat supplier through Jordano’s, and Vad’s dedicated team at Ideal Meat and Provisions makes it a reality.

Meats for new menus

The quality of meat is the differentiating factor. Ideal Meat offers USDA Prime and upper two-thirds choice Premium Reserve Angus beef to customers.

Many of today’s menus call for all-natural meats. Through Ideal Meat, Jordano’s offers all-natural Angus beef that is free of antibiotics and growth hormones.

“We hand-select and age our Angus beef 21 days before we cut it. This creates an amazing product with great flavor,” says Vad, adding that custom cuts and random quantities are no problem for Ideal Meat which leans on the skills of precision meat cutters and high-quality packaging to deliver a fresh product.

Pork and chicken also get the custom-cut treatment. If a customer wants just five 10-ounce center cut or Frenched pork chops, Ideal Meat can accommodate. Portion-controlled chicken breast is cut fresh daily and offered in any quantity for “just in time” quick turnaround delivery to customers, too.

Keeping pace

From faxes, phone calls and emails, Ideal Meat fulfills orders from Jordano’s throughout the day and dedicates a product specialist to assist Jordano’s Account Executives in showcasing the quality, cuts and customization for customers. Three Ideal Meat customer service representatives are solely committed to working directly with Jordano’s meat buyers.

“We have loved working with Jordano’s because we are like a family and that relationship makes it easy to work together,” says Vad, who is in communication with Fiscalini more than five times daily regarding orders, promotions and deliveries.

It’s that commitment to quality that allows restaurant owners and operators to break free from “minimum orders” and standard product sizes. This approach gives customers culinary freedom to purchase their meat however they want it, proving Vad’s Center of the Plate options are the “ideal” choice.

Consider quality, custom cuts and next-day delivery when you order your Center of the Plate beef, pork or chicken. Ideal Meat and Provisions offers these benefits through Jordano’s Foodservice. Contact your Account Executive to learn more or to place your order today!


  • Premium Reserve Pork
  • Custom cuts, quantities and portion sizes


  • USDA Prime-Grade
  • Premium Reserve Angus
  • Aged 21 days prior to cutting
  • Custom cuts, quantities and portion sizes


  • Fresh daily
  • Portion-controlled chicken breast
  • Custom cuts, quantities and portion sizes