Waffles and woofs – this down home diner with a stylish flair is a treat for Hollywood locals and their furry companions alike.

Dining in Los Angeles is about as diverse and eclectic as the city itself. From food trucks to fine dining to take-out, you’re guaranteed to find something that is bound to please even the most discriminating of palettes. Hollywood-based restaurant, The Waffle, turned its focus to one of the most classic and universally loved breakfast items, combined it with a retro throwback to the classic diner showcasing the “comforts of home” in a fashion that can only be appreciated by those who live in the greater Los Angeles area. It’s bustling yet friendly, it’s stylish and cool, it caters to all walks of life – both standing upright and on four legs – and its breakfast/lunch menu is classic, yet innovative and absolutely delicious!

But first…waffles
The vast menu at The Waffle is impressive to say the least. This truth is compounded when it comes to the waffle portion of the menu alone. It pushes the perception that a waffle is just a fancy, German pancake with fun indents to soak up syrup. Nein! This waffle-intensive establishment is successful in reinventing the waffle and uncovering all it has to offer. The decision on whether to go sweet or savory can be quite a perplexing task in itself.

The sweet combination of blueberries and lemon curd on the blueberry lemon waffle will easily peak your interest on one hand, while on the other, your curiosity ponders over the corn meal and jalapeño combination. One safe bet is the ever popular red velvet waffle. This famous waffle began as a month long, seasonal special for Valentine’s Day and is now a permanent fixture on the menu due to high customer demand. And, this is one of those few instances where the dish lives up to its hype with its smooth, sweet yet subtle cake flavor topped with a rich cream cheese frosting that dances on the taste buds.

Those of you who have yet to join in on the red velvet craze will undoubtedly be accompanying the legions of fans of the crimson cake after a few bites of this signature waffle. Popularity for this waffle reached such heights it earned itself televised spotlights on the Food Network’s “The Best Thing I
Ever Ate” and the CW’s “Foodbites.”

“The Waffle’s presence on these food shows has greatly impacted our business, especially among our out-of-town guests,” said Chef Tina Lagana, mastermind behind the red velvet waffle. “It was a great opportunity to gain exposure to those outside of the L.A. area, and that’s always a good thing.”

Although waffles are always awesome any time of day, The Waffle made sure to expand its menu to include other culinary creations. “Those looking for something a bit different may consider one of our dishes featuring buffalo sauce,” said Tina. “We have options for breakfast, appetizers and lunch, including our buffalo hash browns, blue cheese buffalo chicken fries, and buffalo chicken sandwich.”

The Waffle also includes more health-conscious menu items, including vegan/vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. “We pride ourselves on our menu options, especially for those who are more health conscious. Being a vegetarian himself, Owner Gavin Polone stresses the importance of flavor and variety for those alike. We continually work on creating new items to expand our vegetarian menu,” said Tina.

In true diner fashion, there is always a piping hot pot of coffee waiting nearby to fill and re-fill guests’ mugs. As far as beverages are concerned, the most popular drink of choice is served in a large Mason jar – hello mimosas! The popularity of this drink is the only other item on the menu that gives the red velvet waffle a run for its money. “While we do offer Bloody Mary’s and margaritas, our ‘$6.00 Double Sized Mimosas’ are by far the most popular drink item,” says Tina. “You will almost always find at least one at every table.” The drink menu at The Waffle goes way beyond mimosas, Mary’s and margaritas though. There is also a full selection of beer, wine and well drinks served daily from 10 a.m. to closing.

Never eat (or drink) alone
Finding someone to accompany you for breakfast or lunch has never been easier when dining at The Waffle. If you prefer the company of the four-legged variety, there’s a place for them here as well. Take a seat outside under one of the bright yellow umbrellas on their dog-friendly patio and order up some waffles for yourself and some “woofles” for fido.

Running any business has its “ruff” patches, but Jordano’s Account Executive, Christina Aviles, works closely with the entire team at The Waffle to ensure they have what they need when they need it. To achieve the most flavor and variety in their menu, The Waffle turns to Christina to help keep them stocked with as many organic and locally-sourced ingredients possible. “Christina is wonderful,” said Chef Lagana. “She’s attentive to our needs, helps us in so many different ways and offers us competitive pricing on the best food options for our menu. We’re very thankful to work with such a great foodservice distributor and value our partnership with Jordano’s.”

For more information about The Waffle, visit www.thewafflehollywood.com or find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Yelp.

Article by Lynn Ammerman, Marketing Administrator, Jordano’s Foodservice