When product lines and services grow at Jordano’s, the impact is directly felt in customer service. The domino effect means orders and phone calls increase, the knowledge base for over 10,000 stocked items must expand with every customer service representative, and processes must be streamlined to create efficiencies.

But two things never change – the time-honored tradition of always getting a live person when you call the Jordano’s customer service team and being treated with courtesy.

Jordano’s passionate customer service team understands that the customer is the reason the company is growing, improving and physically expanding. Terry Mish, customer service department manager, recalls 20 years ago when her team was fielding more than 400 orders daily. At present day, not only is her team of five challenged with filling orders, but they’re also educated on every stocked item, trained on ServSafe® techniques and the seven principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

“We have had incredible growth in both our sales force and customer base. But we’ve had to evolve to become leaner, more efficient and even more educated to meet the needs of our customers and the standards of excellence set forth by our founders,” says Mish.

Touching base
If you’re a current Jordano’s customer, you may have experienced an unexpected phone call coming from Jordano’s customer service department. A new initiative of the customer service team is to connect with customers more frequently – all in an effort to help Jordano’s improve in service, supply and in overall processes.

“It’s a simple thing, but we really want to know from our customers how we are doing and where we can better ourselves,” she tells. “Our team documents any advice or concerns, and Jordano’s will act upon them in an effort to have continuous improvement.”

Preparing for progress
The planned relocation of Jordano’s Pacific Beverage Company in 2016 will allow for the expansion of Jordano’s Foodservice warehouse space and for the relocation of Mish’s customer service department. The expansion will, of course, mean new digs, more office space and a new lobby for Mish’s team. This will also expand the inside marketing efforts of the customer service department, including more room for product tastings and demonstrations.

“We are already changing how our team operates day to day,” Mish says. “As the sales force grows, we are adapting our capabilities and technology to deliver greater support to our account executives and improved service to our customers.” A huge part of supporting Jordano’s 45 account executives includes training her staff to step in when an account executive is ill or on vacation. “Our amazing customer service team is always ready to step in and assist with questions, orders and fulfillment for our customers in a pinch,” says Mish.

Jordano’s customer service department is truly the epitome of teamwork – always putting the customer first!

Questions? Feel free to contact Jordano’s customer service department at (805) 964-0626 Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, and Saturdays between 8:00 am and noon.