From small kitchen supplies like ladles and thermometers, to dishwashers, prep tables and refrigerators, the design and flow of the “back of the house” can make or break your operation. Jordano’s Equipment and Supplies Department knows this all too well.

As the division that helps restaurants and foodservice operations design, choose and install the essentials of a restaurant’s kitchen, the Equipment and Supplies Department just wrapped up a hefty project that is getting plenty of attention.

When the Santa Barbara Public Market (pictured at right) opened for business last April, Jordano’s Equipment and Supplies Department Manager, Larry Williams, breathed a big sigh of relief. This project is the largest foodservice operation to hit Santa Barbara in a long time. Building on the European trend of public food markets, the Santa Barbara Public Market boasts 15 local and regional merchants all under one roof.

From specialty brewed coffees (like Green Star Coffee) to handmade pasta, a cheese and salami shop to a gourmet noodle restaurant, 12 of the 15 merchants at Santa Barbara’s Public Market entrusted Larry’s Equipment and Supplies team at Jordano’s to coordinate the purchasing and installation of these new, industrial-chic cooking spaces.

“We’re so pleased with the excitement and success of this project,” says Larry, who launched into this new direction with Jordano’s about 10 years ago. “We’re focused on delivering the highest quality and service. We shine at the opportunity to work at the ground floor level, and then continue the relationship with the customer once the doors open for business. We take an enormous amount of pride in our work…every detail is so important to us!”

This full service equipment and supplies division is not typical for a broadline foodservice distributor but works well when getting in on the ground floor of a project. The expertise is a nice complement to Jordano’s mix of services. The department also includes Cheryl Fichera, Collette Golson and one seriously supportive back-up team; the department has grown organically over the last 10 years by word of mouth and hard work. Larry’s team has been able to evolve this department into project-oriented sales and it’s definitely growing.

“We work with restaurants, schools and hospitals that are renovating their kitchen space, as well as ‘new builds’ that are just launching,” Larry says. “Typically, we are hired by the owner, contractor or architect to design and/or supply the commercial kitchen requirements and act as the foodservice consultant to a project.” Jordano’s has put its equipment and supplies stamp on some of the area’s signature eateries such as Hamburger Habit, Hook Burger and Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

One thing’s for sure, Larry’s team is extremely skilled and highly educated in their field of expertise. Cheryl Fichera, one of Jordano’s equipment specialists, is one of only six people in the nation to achieve the highest level of certification as a Level 7 SEFA Pro (SEFA stands for the Supply and Equipment Foodservice Alliance). Level 7 is the ultimate achievement in the SEFAPro program. This great honor is reached through sustained excellence and commitment to the SEFAPro factory training program. As a member of SEFA, the country’s leading equipment purchasing association, Jordano’s has access to virtually all of the industry’s leading equipment manufacturers. Cheryl is also ServSafe® certified and assists with Health Department compliance, Energy Star options and assisting customers in getting the equipment and supplies they need.

Colette Golson has over 25 years of experience in the industry, and her ongoing knowledge of how to manage a project from start to finish is unsurpassed. Colette is ServSafe® certified as well, and her extensive knowledge of equipment and supplies shows in everything she does.

If you haven’t experienced the Equipment and Supplies Showroom at Jordano’s Santa Barbara headquarters, you need to see it! This vast showroom contains more than 2,200 items from over 400 manufacturers that you can see and touch in person. It’s a great resource where customers can identify the equipment and supplies to help run their operation more efficiently and profitably.

From fine plateware to exhaust hoods and everything in between, Jordano’s Equipment and Supplies Department is here to help.

For more information or to set up a complimentary consultation, contact Larry Williams at (805) 679-7846.