Top Challenges faced by food distributors

Distribution is one of the most crucial points of any supply chain as effective and efficient distribution directly impacts safety and product life. However, there are few challenges that almost every food distributors face. Automating distribution process is one of the best solutions to overcome these challenges, but first, have a look at the top challenges faced by food distributors: 

Food Freshness: One of the biggest challenges almost every wholesale food distributors face is keeping the freshness and certain shelf life alive. Perishable foods are crucial to handle; they need to move through the center and be delivered as quickly as possible to maintain freshness and maximum shelf life. They can be managed effectively only if they have a short distribution journey. Maximum problems occur due to manual operation distribution process; however, Many want to automate their distribution process for perishable food to make it quick, but they are unable to do so because the traditional automated system runs order picking and storage as separate functions and resulting in slow fulfillment for fresh logistics. So, it’s difficult for distributors to interrogate the whole distribution process. But now, various innovative solutions are developed to integrate order processing, product picking, and handling. However, many distributors are still unable to get their hands on technology due to cost and maintenance. 

Labour shortage and seasonal peaks: There’s No surprise here, wholesale food Distributors dependent on manual processes experience strain on labor as young workforce graduates become less enthusiastic working on the warehouse, and for older members, they retire. Food distribution centers operating manually struggle with insufficient staff throughout the year. Seasonal peaks further stretch this shortage when orders flood the warehouse and the production process is stressed. However, most of the time, the challenge is only faced by distributors having manual processes. Wholesale distributors California having automated processes are less likely to face such challenges.

Change in demand or seasonal demands: Some food items keep on fluctuating throughout the year. There may be times when many people want the same thing and times when hardly anyone orders them. This fluctuating demand impacts the supply chain, as they occupy the warehouse space and distribution that can be used for products with steady demand. Moreover, demand for failure and cultural mixing of foods are impacting big time on food distributors. Now and then, clients/ customers demand more unique items, something new, and that becomes difficult for wholesale food distributors to come up with special items. 

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