Luxuriate with the unexceptional food and beverage facility

Did somebody say food? Food is the all-time alarm for human beings. It is undoubtedly a necessity, but they enjoy eating and trying out different varieties of food. With the pandemic period around, people are restricted to move outside their houses and rely on their home-cooked food only, but what if the food reaches your home? Yes ! a good food distributor will always be welcomed by the customers. Jordanos’ are one of the leading Food Distributors in Los Angeles who deliver its services without fail to its customers for more than 102 years. To have a healthy and fulfilling diet, you can reach out to Jordano without a single doubt. Jordano’s never compromising on the standard and quality of their products. 

By establishing themselves in Santa Barbara in 1915 in California, the brand has come a long way. Putting all the skills and experience has become the largest foodservice distributor in Central and Southern California. Its sales and network cover key countries such as Los Angeles, Orange, Kern, San Luis Obispo, Ventura and Santa Barara. They can expand their business by earning the customers’ trust and maintaining the brand’s authenticity for so many years. They cover more than 37 market segments such as restaurants, hotels, pizza chains, casinos, golf courses, health clubs, government agencies, schools, colleges and universities and many more.

Sister company – Pacific Beverage 

After keeping the steady step in the food distributing sector, the brand came up with its sister company, the Pacific Beverage company. It also soon became popular, and the customer loved their methods and way to impress. Jordano’s rich tradition of innovation, customer service and integrity made the Beverage Distributors California the leading distributor.

Following the tradition of excellence, the Jordano’s have grown into three state-of-the-art distribution facility that keeps a check and has the feature of temperature control storage for draft and package. It ensures the quality of the products. The pacific beverage company was established in 1946, and since then, it is working hard on its quality delivery services across California. We are well maintained and structured organisation that put the right products at the right place so that the customers and supplier can grow their business. We provide the right level of services to our customers.

Jardano’s believe in providing a smooth experience to the customers so that they could earn loyal customers. In all these years, they have been successful in it. And are longing to acquire new loyal customers.