Top Challenges faced by food distributors

Distribution is one of the most crucial points of any supply chain as effective and efficient distribution directly impacts safety and product life. However, there are few challenges that almost every food distributors face. Automating distribution process is one of the best solutions to overcome these challenges, but first, have a look at the top challenges faced by food distributors: 

Food Freshness: One of the biggest challenges almost every wholesale food distributors face is keeping the freshness and certain shelf life alive. Perishable foods are crucial to handle; they need to move through the center and be delivered as quickly as possible to maintain freshness and maximum shelf life. They can be managed effectively only if they have a short distribution journey. Maximum problems occur due to manual operation distribution process; however, Many want to automate their distribution process for perishable food to make it quick, but they are unable to do so because the traditional automated system runs order picking and storage as separate functions and resulting in slow fulfillment for fresh logistics. So, it’s difficult for distributors to interrogate the whole distribution process. But now, various innovative solutions are developed to integrate order processing, product picking, and handling. However, many distributors are still unable to get their hands on technology due to cost and maintenance. 

Labour shortage and seasonal peaks: There’s No surprise here, wholesale food Distributors dependent on manual processes experience strain on labor as young workforce graduates become less enthusiastic working on the warehouse, and for older members, they retire. Food distribution centers operating manually struggle with insufficient staff throughout the year. Seasonal peaks further stretch this shortage when orders flood the warehouse and the production process is stressed. However, most of the time, the challenge is only faced by distributors having manual processes. Wholesale distributors California having automated processes are less likely to face such challenges.

Change in demand or seasonal demands: Some food items keep on fluctuating throughout the year. There may be times when many people want the same thing and times when hardly anyone orders them. This fluctuating demand impacts the supply chain, as they occupy the warehouse space and distribution that can be used for products with steady demand. Moreover, demand for failure and cultural mixing of foods are impacting big time on food distributors. Now and then, clients/ customers demand more unique items, something new, and that becomes difficult for wholesale food distributors to come up with special items. 

Jordano’s are equipped with everything to overcome these challenges. They have automated processes to handle perishable foods and labor shortage problems. Their thousand food options are available to handle season and unique demands.

Top trends in Food distribution to watch out for

The demand and trends in any industry change over time. Similarly, with the food distribution industry. However, if you want to be successful, you need to understand what trends are now entering the market and their impact. With Constant changes in the industry, understanding and adopting new trends are essential to staying ahead of competitors.

Here is the list of trends to watch out for in food distribution:

Digitalization in distribution: After the entry of Covid 19, major brands are increasingly adopting online food ordering. Moreover, food distribution is also going online. Customers look for quick solutions, and dealing with everything online gives them the advantage of cracking deals quickly. Many large food distributors are now moving their operations online to meet up new customer demands and trends.

Outsourcing: Nowadays, large food manufacturing brands are ditching internal distribution and adopting outsourcing of food service distributors California. The trend has been the biggest on the radar of big brands as outsourcing food distributors allows them to access highly experienced and specialized teams and eliminates the need to invest large capital and variable cost in the distribution process that comes with having an internal team. Large distributors have access to modern equipment and specialized teams in distribution that adds an advantage to outsourcing them. 

Technology is the new normal:  Like any other industry, technology is now becoming the new normal in our lives, the food distribution sector is not behind. Large food distributors are constantly looking for ways to automate their entire process to eliminate chances of human errors and unnecessary mistakes and take fluctuating customer demands Quickly. From smart inventory management to climate-controlled trucks, many technological solutions have been made, and many are underway, For instance, Self-driven Trucks. Many companies are also working on blending AI into the Distribution process.

Mobile Distribution: Mobile distribution trend is basically to provide food products into areas where traditional channels are not able to reach. Mostly remote areas. Many new tech solutions are being used to stretch the food distribution process in remote areas. 

Demand for more variety and unique products: One of the most difficult trends to handle. Nowadays, customers are looking for more variety and demand products with mixed flavors and cultures that directly pressure food service distributors California. Logistics have become more complex as customers are now demanding products unheard of. With expanding demand and competition, now large distributors are providing various product options under one roof. 

Final Thoughts: These Trends might be complex to handle, but they are now the future of food distribution, especially technology. If you want to stay ahead of the competition and continue growing, you need to start adopting these trends.

Why Is It Getting Hard For U.S. Food Suppliers To Manage Stocks?

It’s not easy to maintain the supply chain of food products in the U.S., and a lot of distributors are raising concerns and difficulties. While some think that this is because of the lack of workers, others find the problem in meeting demands. 

The problem with not just with new ones, but popular food suppliers in California are on the same page. They are turning away the customers due to immense demands. But, the question is why such stock problems occur for the food suppliers? We have compiled some notable reasons below: 

No consistency in tracking

Businesses are still relying on manual inventory tracking and using spreadsheets to keep an eye on the food stocks. The food suppliers in California should avoid that as it is a time-consuming process and have a lot of error chances. Minimize the efforts and time with the featured inventory tracking system.  

Warehouses are not efficient

The process of managing the inventory in multiple warehouses makes the task quite hassled. It does involve numerous steps, including packing, shipping, and delivery. The major challenge with food suppliers is to streamline the entire set of tasks to get maximum outcomes. 

Wrong data entry

Sometimes the inventory data is not correct and can cause serious confusion. It won’t be good for the U.S. food supplier if they have committed to delivery and later find out stock is not available in the inventory. The manager must be aware of the stock availability at the moment and make promises accordingly. It would help if you kept counting again and again frequently rather than sticking to a year’s count. 

Sticking to previous demand structures

We need to understand the fact that the customer demands are shifting with passing time. There is no benefit in keeping the old ways or standards in practice if that’s not working. As for overloading, the inventory is not good for maintaining the food supply. Controlling the quantity less is also not going to meet the demands. 

Bottom Line

If you are also facing any of the above-mentioned problems, take the assistance of Jordanos. The U.S. food supplier has everything you must be looking for to manage the food stock and boost up the supply chain. The plethora of food options makes them suitable to meet any demand. 

A US food distributor and supplier based in Los Angeles



Jordano’s Foodservice is one of America’s leading food companies. We partner with more than 3,000 restaurants and foodservice operators each year to help them succeed. In addition to providing our customers with food offerings, digital and technology solutions, and nearly 50 person sales staff, we operate more than 35 distribution centers.



Finally, it is time to embark on a bold new journey. You can still generate any revenue from the adjusted revenue streams you developed to survive. As a leading US food supplier, we can assist you in increasing profits. Our experts, resources, and insight can help.


A rich tradition of integrity, quality, and service was created in Santa Barbara in 1915 with the Jordano Brothers’ Market opening.

We at Jordano’s cater to the needs of our customers and ensure they receive our services fully and punctually.

During your sales representative’s visit, they learn about your business and offer suggestions to help resolve problems. Concerns about you are concerns about them, and success about you is success about them.

You have a delivery driver who makes sure your orders are unloaded and stored according to your wishes. Friendship and courtesy go beyond that. Knowing we are there to serve you is very important to us. The same attitude that drives our organizations to focus on quality has been one of the main reasons our customers trust and rely on us. They recognize this by awarding us one of the highest customer satisfaction levels in the food distributors Los Angeles industries.


Keeping your menu fresh and facilitating a smooth operation are our top priorities at Jordano’s. The product lines accommodate all types of customers seeking innovative and premium quality foodservice products.

We deliver farm-fresh, seasonal food directly to your front door.

To prepare a delicious meal, you need quality ingredients. One of Los Angeles’s largest wholesale food distributors, Jordano’s Foodservice operates on the Central California Coast. We select the freshest and most tasty fruits, vegetables, dairy, and groceries worldwide with every order. Organic and specialty items are among the company’s products, and it takes pride in acquiring hard-to-find items and commodities.

The production industry and its clients benefit from the uncompromising artistry of Jordano’s. Whatever your needs, we can bring a higher standard of service and quality to you, whether a five-star restaurant or a community cafe.

We are one of central California’s largest, most trusted foodservice distribution companies. For generations, we have specialized in grocery, frozen, and dairy foods from the best-known brands. Achieving lead times and holding enough inventory is possible with our flexibility and responsiveness.

Jordano’s Foodservice can provide your business with flexibility and added buying power.

Get Familiar with the Best Food Suppliers California

Finding a good food supplier California is something that numerous businesses have to do before opening their doors & serving customers in general. This ability to purchase foodstuff at large quantities has to be attained in case your business is very busy & you need your kitchen stocked at all times. Numerous businesses both small & large use food suppliers California for their products which are used for the general public. It gives them a way to buy food tuff at wholesale prices along with saving them money in the long run. Many times distribution tends to be a cash-intensive business. This means that they are reliably looking for the new products which come in on the market & they use either credit or cash to buy these food products. Many expenses are involved like having to deliver the products to clientele, paying vendors for goods that are received on the weekly basis, & collecting on invoices that have been sent out that are at their 30-day procedure. Many times food supplier companies put regulations on the number of times vendors have to pay their bills.

Building up the reputation with your Food Supplier California representative will equal to several different discounts which they have & specials that they are providing which you can use to your advantage & sell more product at your establishment. It gives you the idea of what food supplier companies in California have to go through & the amount of cash that has to be put forward initially & to make money from products afterward. This gap with buying & selling can cause serious issues if it is not managed correctly, & most small business owners have to juggle their payments already. Many establishments try to use their food product all the way up until the last day of delivering then have no stock on hand. This can save you money in the short term but can hurt you if you happen to have more guests than usual.

Many times the Food Supplier California companies that you want to deal with will have a website that can be informative and having the login for you to access order & payment procedures which can save you time & hassle altogether. Many times there are special deals to be had for buying food products online & the same applies to the ordering process involved. Taking some time to do some research on this will get you better acquainted with your food distribution company in general.

Key Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Food Suppliers California

When setting up your own restaurant, there is more to the whole procedure than simply choosing dishes which will go to the menu, décor & set-up of establishment, & hiring your staff. To ensure that your business is a success, everything should be at its best, particularly the food you will serve. Choosing the right food supplier California can have a great impact on everything which you serve in your restaurant. As such, it is important that you choose the best provider of this service. You can ensure you will select the best food suppliers to work with by considering some important factors below during your selection procedure –

Prices, payment, and terms & conditions – The good way to start your search is to get price lists from all possible food suppliers in California. You can also request the sample contract so that you can compare the proposed terms & conditions in addition to the prices. Once you have these documents, ensure that you also have a price list of items you will need regularly & calculate how much each product costs from each supplier individually. According to the business experts, never accept the first offer from the supplier. Don’t be afraid to negotiate and ask what else they can offer at the price they gave you. Don’t forget to make the counter-offer as well. You can consider their offer by check the quality of the foodstuff they deliver & their delivery schedules.

Delivery schedule – Consider how often you need your food supplies to be delivered for your restaurant. This schedule will frequently depend on the food items you need for your menu. If you want to serve the whole thing fresh, you will have to schedule deliveries every day. You will also need to identify what time you need the distributor to be at your establishment – will it be early morning or during the closing time? Before agreeing on the contract, ensure that the goods will be delivered at the agreed time & try to set it as one of the conditions for food suppliers to severely follow.

Maintenance of the food quality – Lastly, you might be getting a good price on delivery of supplies & the service provider will stick to a schedule; though, will they be capable to maintain the good quality of all your ordered goods? The last thing you want to happen is to pay for the best ingredients & see this investment go to waste as the vegetables & fruits wilted or meat rotted because the delivery truck is not equipped with the best cooling system or it malfunctioned along the way. It is vital that you have a good idea of the delivery equipment, vehicles, & other pieces of technology the supplier has before signing up with them.

Luxuriate with the unexceptional food and beverage facility

Did somebody say food? Food is the all-time alarm for human beings. It is undoubtedly a necessity, but they enjoy eating and trying out different varieties of food. With the pandemic period around, people are restricted to move outside their houses and rely on their home-cooked food only, but what if the food reaches your home? Yes ! a good food distributor will always be welcomed by the customers. Jordanos’ are one of the leading Food Distributors in Los Angeles who deliver its services without fail to its customers for more than 102 years. To have a healthy and fulfilling diet, you can reach out to Jordano without a single doubt. Jordano’s never compromising on the standard and quality of their products. 

By establishing themselves in Santa Barbara in 1915 in California, the brand has come a long way. Putting all the skills and experience has become the largest foodservice distributor in Central and Southern California. Its sales and network cover key countries such as Los Angeles, Orange, Kern, San Luis Obispo, Ventura and Santa Barara. They can expand their business by earning the customers’ trust and maintaining the brand’s authenticity for so many years. They cover more than 37 market segments such as restaurants, hotels, pizza chains, casinos, golf courses, health clubs, government agencies, schools, colleges and universities and many more.

Sister company – Pacific Beverage 

After keeping the steady step in the food distributing sector, the brand came up with its sister company, the Pacific Beverage company. It also soon became popular, and the customer loved their methods and way to impress. Jordano’s rich tradition of innovation, customer service and integrity made the Beverage Distributors California the leading distributor.

Following the tradition of excellence, the Jordano’s have grown into three state-of-the-art distribution facility that keeps a check and has the feature of temperature control storage for draft and package. It ensures the quality of the products. The pacific beverage company was established in 1946, and since then, it is working hard on its quality delivery services across California. We are well maintained and structured organisation that put the right products at the right place so that the customers and supplier can grow their business. We provide the right level of services to our customers.

Jardano’s believe in providing a smooth experience to the customers so that they could earn loyal customers. In all these years, they have been successful in it. And are longing to acquire new loyal customers.

Here’s all you need to know about the food distributors in Los Angeles and California

The prominent food distributors Los Angeles understands the meaning of clients as it requires a long time to discover a client and seconds to lose them. Consumer loyalty is the top marker of whether the shopper will repurchase their dedication to the brand. In this competitive environment, on the lookout, conveying premium administrations will allow you to maintain. Numerous cafés have great food, yet they don’t have great help, which changes the entire game for the business.

The clients can visit their locales with no issue and experience smooth exploring and shopping.  The clients’ prerequisite prepares everything. The organization is so old, realizes how to remain refreshed and fulfil the guidelines of the general public. It is simpler and more exemplary to hold prior clients by serving great food benefits yet energizing to gain and achieve the new ones.

The enormous scaled, contactless appropriation locales can serve up to 1,400 individuals, as volunteers place around 50 pounds of food in the participants’ storage compartment at these drive-through events. Since February 2021, the association has held eight of these kinds of dissemination all through the province and offered food to more than 20,000 individuals.

Food suppliers California can provide you with the followings

Organic and natural fluid agave sugars. Accessible in different flavors like coconut, pumpkin, chocolate, vanilla, peppermint and maple, breaks up in both hot and cold drinks, added substances are utilized in refreshments and heated merchandise, supported by FDA and USDA and guaranteed by Genuine and Halal.

-Assembling of food items for healthful and dietary enhancement applications. Offers organic product drops, home grown plant supplements, nutrients, green espresso bean, and sports nourishment powder. Custom items and enhancements in container, tablet, powder, softgel, and fluid structures are additionally accessible. Capacities incorporate custom detailing, compounding and seasoning, stick pack, sachet, rankle, and bottle packaging. It uses an assortment of materials like acids, cell reinforcements, spices, roots, and concentrates. Accessible in little and enormous amounts of orders. It gives mark plans and fulfillment administrations as well as stock items offering 7 to 10 days lead time.

-They provide personal mark items for skin and medical care applications, supplements, colors, chewy candies and pet items are advertised and also serve the cosmetics, food and drug enterprises, Made in the USA.

-Food items including espressos, confections, jam beans, chocolates and treats. Chewy candies are accessible in green apple, peach, sharp organic product/neon, watermelon and blended berry flavors. Wholesale and distribution programs accessible.

Enjoy the exceptional food service at Jordanos

Food Suppliers California break mass products and be a go-between food makers and food administrators, similar to retailers or cafés. They separate the enormous volumes of items from makers into more modest amounts that an administrator can utilize—they stockroom items and, for the most part, transport them to administrators. Wholesalers supply the two parts of the food business; both the devoured at the home side – the retailers (supermarkets, general stores) just as the away from home side (cafés, schools, clinics). 

The wholesaler buys, stores, sells, and conveys those items, furnishing foodservice administrators with admittance to things from a wide assortment of producers. Foodservice wholesalers get pallets and mass stock amounts separated into the case, and their unit amounts for the Food Distributors Los Angeles. Most foodservice administrators buy from a range of neighbourhood, forte, and broad-line food service merchants daily or week after week.

Jordanos offers expansive conventional foodservice things, focusing on new food varieties and staples for bread shops. They are focused on conveying the best new, frozen items – alongside extraordinary support of our pastry shop and foodservice clients. They have constructed a mind-blowing arrangement of national and international accomplices to meet bread kitchen and other clients’ quality assumptions. They are devoted to offering some benefit and simplicity alongside admittance to incredible items so their clients can make practical baked items and other menu choices for astonishing food encounters. 

The organization’s centre has consistently been furnishing the best and consistency with each request. They put everything on the line to guarantee that their providers and conveyance stockroom keep up the best expectations. 

You’ll generally get customized support from their group of specialists who comprehend your business and assumptions. From Restaurant Operations Consultants to Food Fanatics culinary experts, a devoted outreach group, and item trained professionals – they’ll cover the entirety of your requirements. 

Lastly, the workers at Jordano’s have many years of involvement with the food and staple enterprises, and their clients have profited with this skill. Their involvement with sourcing and deals implies that they realize where to get essential items at the most cutthroat costs. Their involvement with transportation means that their clients can have a sense of safety to get what they need when they need it. They are glad for their representatives’ experience yet are much prouder of their individual and group obligation to giving extraordinary client care.

Tips for Selecting the Right Wholesale Food Distributors

In today’s time, be it a large commercial kitchen, hotel owners, general managers, or chefs, all of these rely on food distributors. The wholesale food distributors deliver high-quality ingredients for their respective menus that would help firms, restaurants, healthcare, hotels, wineries, caterers, pizza chains, resorts, bars etc. provide consistent service to their associated customers. An excellent reliable food distributor company will-

  • Strategize with its client company to help in growing their business with unique offerings.
  • Keep you updated on new food trends and products coming up in the market. 
  • Provide ideas and recommendations on your product line. This, in turn, will help you to reach heights of success in your business. 

Below are some of the helpful tips for selecting the right wholesale food distributors for your business. 


Before selecting a suitable food distribution company for your business, it’s essential to gather the necessary information. It is always good to first check out the local restaurants and other restaurants in your area. Ask them queries and take their feedback regarding the services and pricing. If traveling is not feasible, then simply search and get the details from the internet.  


Many essential questions should be asked from the food distributors before choosing the right one for one’s business. Make sure whether the distributor can accommodate according to your needs and schedule. When can they do the delivery, and how/ What are their terms of credit? And how quickly can they turn around an order after it gets placed? All such questions are necessary to be asked before the final selection. 


Before anything, the quality of food products should be the best, there should not be any compromise on the quality and quantity of food products from the wholesale food distributors. If you need customized products, always make sure to seek out a distributor that can offer their expertise. Food distributor companies should know the latest trends in the industry and constantly be updated with their services.


A firm should make sure that your partnership with the wholesale food distributors should be intact. Always work with the distributors who have a good reputation and believe in a solid long-term commitment to work. 

Wholesale food distributors are on the front lines of the food industry. They can surely inform companies about new products, benchmarks, and updated services. While selecting, select the one that matches the criteria and products your firm needs. Jordano’s is one of the top reputed wholesale food distributor companies in the USA. It follows a rich tradition of integrity, quality, and service. Jordano’s customer base covers more than 35 different market segments that include restaurants, schools, colleges, pizza chains, resorts, bars, caterers, health clubs, government agencies, and even handles offshore businesses. Do try their services!